The Speaker

“I’ve always believed that if an organization feels it is important enough to have a theme for their special occasion, then it is equally important for all invited speakers, especially the keynote speaker, to address the theme. Not doing so, in my opinion, is a great disservice. It is always my most conscious and fervent endeavor to give the audience what they are expecting and beyond. I intentionally aim to leave them better than they were when they came.”

                                                                                                ~ Alonia Jones


Alonia's favorite audiences: Corporations; Colleges & Universities; Elementary, Middle and High Schools; Nonprofit Organizations; Faith Based Organizations; Governmental Entities; and Social, Civic and Fraternal Organizations. 

It's no secret: give Alonia a topic, and she'll give you an unforgettable, inspirational, life-changing message.  Alonia's favorite topics (partial listing): Know Your Purpose, Walk in Your Destiny; 10 Steps to Destiny; and The BFLY(SM) Factor.

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